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ComicCon Puerto Rico 2014

PR ComicCon

As many of you know, Comiccon is an organization founded in California to promote awareness and celebrate the culture of comics and pop-culture through conventions and events in general. 

Many states and countries around the world have followed suit and host their own comic conventions. This year Comiccon Puerto Rico hosted its annual convention the 24th and 25th of July. 

Approximately 30,000 people attended the activity and we got a chance to be part of it!

We set up our little table and space to offer everyone our services. We also took our scanner and scanned people on site. Many curious creatures and sci-fi characters visited us and we had a blast. 

Our main attractions were Master Chief’s helmet, King Baratheon’s crown, Magneto’s helmet, and a giant pink Mandalorian helmet from Star Wars. We even let our visitors try them on for size!

We were excited to meet so many new people and meet other 3-D Printing enthusiasts, it felt a little unreal. 

Other than the lovely community of cos-players we were very happy with our neighbor and fellow exhibitors. We received amazing support and the camaraderie was awe-inspiring. We wished it would last forever.

3DC Master Chief

The activity was big, loud, and simply crazy. We counted approximately 3,000 visitors and were rendered voiceless at the end, but it was worth it. 

We even met local YouTube stars,Meca-humano and had a dance-off with them Sunday afternoon right before picking everything up and say “Until next one”. 

*Special thanks to the people at Massive Game Information Center who gave us a hand and helped us through the end. Be sure to check them out below.

Thank you!

On behalf of our whole team, our most heartfelt THANK YOU!

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FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

… I Have A Question!

Here is a list of our frequently asked questions, feel free to browse and ask about what you don’t find in here. 

What is 3D Creations?

We are a company based in Puerto Rico that offers 3D Printing Services. We do 3D Scanning, 3D Designs or models, and 3D Printing. 

What is 3D Printing?

3D Printing is a manufacture process that consists on depositing material on layer after layer until completing a three dimensional object from a 3D digital model. 

For a more detailed description of 3D Printing, it’s process, and materials, click HERE

What is a 3D model?

A 3D Model is a three dimensional object constructed in a computer program such as 3DS Max, SolidWorks, or Rhino. These objects can be viewed from any angle and be manipulated or modified. 3D Models are basically the building blocks of animated films, videogames and, in our case, 3D Printing. 

In order to print an object, first, it has to be designed in a 3D Modelling program. After completing a digital version of the object to be printed, it is sent to the printer for production. 

To see for yourself the process of 3D modelling for printing, check out this short VIDEO.

What are the prices for 3D Printing Services?

One of the greatest things of 3D Printing is the customization. Because 95% of our services are unique, it is near impossible to set a standard price. 

Every project we work on is analyzed on it’s own and subject to it’s own nature. Because of this, we take into consideration several factors when 3D Printing. When offering a price, we calculate the volume of the print, the weight, the size, the time it takes to print completely, and in some cases, assembly of the print. 

In the case of 3D Scans and Designs, we calculate costs in hours of work. 

How does the 3D Printing Services process work?

The process of 3D Printing with us works simply as:

  • Imagine

    Talk to us about your idea so we can determine the time it would take to develop and what is the best approach to do so. If you want to scan your girlfriend, your kids, your dog, your car, your lamp bring them to us! Whatever idea, as crazy as it may be, you have, we will work with it and you will be part of the process. 
  • Design/Scan

    After going through the plan, specifications, and anything relevant, we sit down and design. We create the 3D Model to be printed or we scan the object to be made. If it’s a previously made design, we prepare it for printing. If you want to be the designer, we will chat, talk, email, skype, smoke signal each other to help you finish the design printer-ready. If it’s a scan, we’ll retouch it, enhance your features, or maybe just leave you as you are. 
  • PRINT!

    After the design or scan is ready for printing, well… we print it!

    Self explanatory really… 

    If you live in Puerto Rico, we can meet up and give you the final product in person or if you are from another state, country, planet, or simply tired to go out, we’ll mail it to you so you can love it as much as we do. After all, it is your idea brought to Life!

How long does it take to finish a print?

3D Printing is a relatively slow manufacture process that could take hours to complete. Something as small as an 37.8mm (1.49in) x 33.4mm (1.32in) object could take 15 min to complete. So every item is subject to it’s properties, meaning that every print differs in time of print. 

The more complex an object is, the more time it takes to print. The heavier the item is, the more time it takes to print. So there are many things to take into consideration when calculating how long it would take for completing a printed product.

On the other hand we have to calculate the design or scanning process. This part is usually the longest part. When designing and scanning a product for printing, there has to be a high level of attention to detail so the print can be made without errors (unfinished surfaces, hollow pieces, poor stability).

All in all, time can be predicted, but for each particular print. 

To whom does the 3D Design/Model belong?

If the 3D Model was previously made, it belongs to the original designer. This applies to designs taken from websites, other people*, or the customers themselves. In the case that 3D Creations creates the design, it belongs to 3D Creations. However, customers have the option of buying the design and it’s ownership.

*As long as the original designer allows reproduction of design.


What is 3D Printing?

3D Printing 101

What is 3-D Printing?

3-D Printing is a manufacturing process also known as additive manufacture. It’s a process that consists of layering material upon material in the shape desired. Because of the layering process of manufacture, virtually any three dimensional shape is possible. Other than a 3-D Printer, a three-dimensional design is also needed for the process.
Figure thinking with question marks
Pen Holder design by CVelez


There’s a wide range of printers in the market, each responding to certain functions and needs. The same goes with three-dimensional design software. Examples of companies that offer both are 3D Systems and Stratasys; leading companies in the 3-D printing industry.

It Just Got Personal

3D Printing has been around since the 80’s but only recently has it surfaced as a personal item. Since the 80’s, printers have cost tens of thousands of dollars, while now there are campaigns for crowd-funding for $200 personal 3d printers. It is estimated that in the near future it will be common for many households to own a personal 3d printer. Many people refer to this as the 3D Printing Revolution.
Finished Print
Plastic Spools in mail


3D Printing can manufacture in an array of materials that include metals, plastic, ceramic, food, and even organic tissue. Advances in technology have surfaced and are being funded by companies and entities to make this possible so that in the future many more materials can be used for 3-D Printing.

Video of 3D Printing Process


Kaisen Festival

Our Debut

This past March 15 and 16 we had the privilege to participate in the 14th Kaisen Festival in Puerto Rico at the Colisseum of Cataño. This was our debut to the community where we offered our services for the first time to the community of Cosplayers, Hobbyists and the like. 
The Response we got from our visitors was amazing, unforgettable, and an overall great experience. 
We received the support of the community and even the vendors, we had a blast!
We even got visits from the Empire (picture on the right) and the Star fleet!!!! 
Follow us!

Get more info @ Facebook 

and stay Up-to-Date
Mandalorian Cosplay Holding a 3-D Printed Storm Trooper Mug

Mandalorian Cosplay from the 501st Legion Puerto Rico Garrison
Kaisen is a cultural festival about comics, animation, science fiction and other hobbies. It is organized by Paquines, a non profit group created to promote the visual arts in Puerto Rico. Kaisen is celebrated twice a year in the metropolitan area of San Juan.

At our booth, D12, we received people with items for sale, products, and information on 3D Printing. We offered our services and answered all sorts of questions. We were, without a doubt, one of the hottest booths in the festival.

Everybody wanted to be a part of it and get in on what we do. One of our goals is to proliferate 3-D Printing knowledge and love for what we do (3-D Printing services). This is why we were and still are excited about our experience at Kaisen. To see people get excited for what moves us, is amazing. 
We saw all types of cosplays, many of them really impressive. We also met many exhibitors with amazing talent. It was a surreal experience.
We truly are grateful for the support and the opportunity to participate in this event and look forward for more in the near future! 
Next stop, PR Comiccon 🙂

Endless Possibilities

Versatility of 3-D Printing

What we love about 3-D Printing is the endless sea of possibilities. 

We’ve put to the test this theory by printing things that range from figurines, to jewelry, to light-switch covers, to fully functional remote controlled Quad Copters! 
We’ve even made custom pieces for assembling joysticks and once we built a drill bit for making a hole.  
This is the reason why many call 3-D printing the future. 
Custom Piece

Currently there are many materials that are being used with 3-D printing technology, which include: fabrics, plastics, metals, chocolate, and even organic tissue. 
This technology even allows the 3-D printing of houses (yes, that’s right, full-fledged houses to live in!). 
Hopefully, soon enough, we’ll see this developed in such a way that every household will have a personal 3-D Printer.    

3-D Printing to the Sky

3-D Printing is as versatile as it gets. You can print useful things to fix up things around the house just like you can print playful things for your inner child, or your actual kids!

This is what our guys had in mind when they built this pretty rad Quad-Copter. Powerful as they come, and cool looking enough to get the attention of everyone in the area, this powerful copter flew up as high as birds.

Took us a few tries to get the hang of it, but after a few disasters trials and errors, we managed to fly it for a few minutes non-stop with a safe landing.

Was very fun to say the least and definitely a knowledgeable experience.

**Construction process to be posted for your consideration!





3D Printing in Puerto Rico

3D Creations – Our Place

It seems as if 3-D Printing came out of nowhere and has everybody wanting some of it. In truth, 3-D printing has been around since the 80’s, but it wasn’t until 2010 that 3-D printing became commercially available.

In Puerto Rico, similar to the US, 3-D printing is getting fast recognition throughout various fields. People are starting to learn what 3-D Printers are, and exactly what is it they do. 

Because of it’s relatively slow manufacturing speed, mass production is limited, unless you have hundreds of thousands of dollars to invest in heavy printers that can withstand and produce way faster than newly-commercialized printers.

This is why we, at 3D Creations, along with ProCad, are one of the first companies in Puerto Rico that deliver a customized service to hobbyists and aficionados alike. 3D Creations is focused to the individual needs while ProCad specializes in more professional services catering to needs of businesses and the like.

Our services are made to order and we are accessible to customers that need something in particular that can’t be found anywhere else. 

We also offer simple products like themed jewelry or figurines for those that want something different and be a part of what many call the future.